The average consumer has over $3000 in debt. Many families carry a load much higher than this, especially with the increase of student loans that are taken out each year. Whatever the amount, some families feel the need to pay it off in order to gain financial freedom once again. There are many ways one can save money effortlessly to help pay down debts. It just involved tweaking the household budget and keeping a shrewd eye out for unnecessary purchases. Families can easily cut back in the following areas to help pay off their debts and become financially free.


This is probably the single most important category one can tweak to save extra money every month. Saving money on groceries is not difficult, and learning how to use coupons as well as buying and stocking up on common items while they are on sale can help add significant savings to a monthly budget. Shopping at a lower-priced store such as Aldi or participating in programs like Angel Tree can also help cut one’s grocery bill. Buy less convenience items and cook more from scratch to help save even more money.


Most families can easily cut back their entertainment expenses by rethinking and reprioritizing the type of fun they engage in. Instead of going out to a movie, rent one to watch at home instead. This can save a lot of money for a large family since movie tickets can easily exceed 10 dollars these days. Or consider going to a dollar-theatre for those new releases if you want a theatre experience. Find free festivals and engage in more outdoor activities such as hiking and camping to help shave the entertainment budget further.


This might not be an option for all families, but lowering insurance coverage or switching insurance companies can help free up some extra cash each month. The extra savings can be applied toward the debt until the debt is paid off, after which one can easily increase their coverage again. Shop around for the best deal and don’t just settle for what is offered first. This can easily add hundreds of dollars of savings to a family’s monthly budget.

Baby Care

Save on diapers by switching to cloth diapers. They are not only better for the environment, but they can save a family thousands of dollars over the course of a year or two. Cloth diapers today come in a wide variety of styles and work much like disposables, making the switch almost painless for most parents. If expecting a new baby, breastfeed rather than formula feed to save money on formula. This can add almost $100 or more to the monthly family budget. The savings can be applied towards debt.

By tweaking major and minor budget categories, a family can easily save a couple hundred dollars or more to help them get out of consumer debt. Little changes here and there add up to big savings. Start with groceries and work from there on more frugal expenditures such as cloth diapering to get out of debt fast but easily.